In the past few years the popularity of online courses has increased to the point where some programs that were formerly site-based have now become primarily online offerings. The most frequently cited benefit of online courses is that they can be taken at times convenient to the learner in any location that has Internet access ("anytime, anywhere" learning). The busy schedules maintained by teachers, coupled with a constant need to upgrade professional qualifications, make online learning a good choice for many educators.

There is no one learning modality that is perfect for everyone, however, and it's a good idea to check out what others have to say about these courses before you decide to take one yourself. The resources linked below are provided for your use while you make this decision. Please remember that different course providers offer different services and approach the delivery of online courses in different ways. These differences will be reflected in the information you find in the links below.

- Dr. Bob Foster

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Take a Demonstration Course
WebCt, First Class, Blackboard, Oncourse and NextEd are platforms for the delivery of online courses. These tutorials give an overview of features available in many online courses.
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Performance Learning Systems

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