Managing Your Account

You will likely find the interface for managing your account to be intuitive and easy to use. If you would like further information or specific directions for individual sections of the interface, please use the guide below.

You may find it easier to print a copy of these directions for your use as you visit the site.


1) Login: From the index page at CoursesForTeachers.Com you can access the administrative section for your account by entering your Username and Password in the Course Provider Login section. Entering your Username and Password, then clicking on the "Login" button, should take you directly to the
Provider Editor. If you have any difficulty with accessing this section, send a note to Tanapics including the username and password your are using.

You can also login to the administrative section of your course directly by entering your username and password below. A new window will be created so you can reference both this page and the admin controls.

User Name: Password
General Information

2) Name: This is the name of your organization that will appear in the results of searches. Please note that if your official name is long, it may be necessary to shorten the version used in this field so that all search results will display properly. If it is not possible to display an appropriate name in 40 characters or less, please contact Tanapics to discuss a solution. Remember that the teacher's next click will likely be to your home page where the name will be displayed in full.

3) Website URL: This should be the page on your website that is the entry point to information about online courses for teachers. If you are part of a very large organization (e.g. an university) and online courses are only one of your offerings, it is best to give the URL for the page where the online courses are presented, not the index page for the full website.

4) Email
: The email address listed here should be the one that you want to have used most often by teachers making general inquiries about your online courses. It is not the email address for your admin contact, which should be listed in the "Administration Contact" section further down the page. If you prefer to have teachers contact you using forms on your website, you may decide to leave this field blank.

5) Country: Please select your country from the drop down menu. If your country is not listed, choose "Other" then send a note to Tanapics indicating your country of origin and we will add it to the list.


6) To make your listing stand out in the search results, you are welcome to upload a logo or crest image in jpg/jpeg format. The image will be resized if it is larger than 100x100 pixels. To upload an image, click on "Browse".

Starting in Months:

7) Check the boxes for each month in which you have courses starting. You may also choose to list adjoining months if you wish. For example, if you have a course starting on October 1st, and you don't want to miss being identified in searches for courses starting in September, you may want to click on the box for September as well.

Please note that if we were unable to get a complete listing of your schedule during a visit to your site to set up a draft version of your information, the default entry is that you will be listed as offering courses beginning in all months. Please correct this information by clicking to remove the check marks in boxes beside those months when you do not have courses starting.

Provided Topics:

8) Potentially the topics for courses taken by teachers could be as wide as the field of human knowledge, so it is not possible to provide a separate topic selection for every topic in the courses that are offered. If possible, we would ask you to look for general topic categories that relate to the specific topics you offer. If this is not possible (as is often the case for graduate level offerings), you are invited to suggest additional topics to Tanapics. Our criteria for inclusion of additional topics will include anticipated levels of use by providers and teachers as well as the amount of display space available on the search menu. Our goal is to continue to have all topics displayed on the search page, without scrolling, on a monitor set to 800x600 pixel resolution.

Feel free to identify topics that are included in the content of other courses even though full courses may not be provided on those topics.

Provided Types:

9) Please check off all that apply. If your credit courses can be taken for interest only, then both boxes should be filled in. Graduate courses included professional development courses that require the completion of a bachelor's degree prior to enrolment.

Administration Contact:

10) This information is not displayed on the CoursesForTeachers.Com website. It is used to make contact with an authorized manager for the information in your account.

Billing Contact:

11) You do not need to fill in this area unless you are purchasing advertising or a preferred listings rating.


When you are finished making changes for the information in your account, be sure to click the "Update" button in the lower left corner of the screen. Changes to our database will take place immediately.

Need additional help? Contact Tanapics.

Note: If you are already registered with CoursesForTeachers.Com and you have lost your login or password, please contact our team at Tanapics using your regular company email account. (Requests from web-based email accounts will not be acknowledged. Confirmatory correspondence from a second company address may be required for validation.)

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